Addressing financial abuse within the context of domestic violence cases is a critical component of ensuring comprehensive support for survivors. Financial abuse, often a lesser-known yet equally pervasive form of abuse, involves perpetrators exerting control over their victims’ finances and economic resources, thereby trapping them in cycles of dependence and manipulation. This form of abuse can manifest in various ways, including restricting access to bank accounts, sabotaging job opportunities, coercing victims into debt, and stealing assets. 

Recognizing the profound impact of financial abuse on survivors’ autonomy and ability to escape abusive situations, legal interventions play a crucial role in addressing this issue. Legal professionals can assist survivors by providing guidance on accessing financial resources, such as emergency funds, housing and daycare assistance, and benefit programs. Moreover, legal remedies such as protective orders can include provisions to prevent perpetrators from further exploiting survivors financially. Collaborating with financial institutions and other community partners, legal advocates can help survivors rebuild their financial independence through strategies such as credit repair, asset recovery, and budgeting assistance. Additionally, survivors can pursue tangible steps towards financial independence, including seeking employment opportunities or vocational training to enhance their skills and earning potential, opening separate bank accounts and establishing credit in their own names to regain financial autonomy, and exploring options for safe and affordable housing to establish a stable living situation free from the control of their abuser. By addressing financial abuse within the framework of domestic violence cases and empowering survivors with tangible strategies for financial independence, legal professionals contribute to breaking the cycle of violence and fostering long-term stability and self-sufficiency for survivors.


If you, or someone that you know, is experiencing financial abuse, do not hesitate to seek out a local domestic violence shelter, or apply for services at Legal Services of North Dakota for help.

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