Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program which provides you with a monthly income. You must be 65, blind or disabled and have limited income and resources.

How Much Will SSI Pay Me?

It depends on the amount and the type of income you have.

    • In 2018, the SSI amount for an individual with no income was $750 per month and $1,125 per month for a couple.
    • If you have income, you could still be eligible for an SSI payment.
    • It is also possible to have income above the SSI amount and still be eligible.

How Much Can I Have In Resources?

Your countable resources cannot exceed $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple.

What Resources Are Exempt or Not Counted?

    • The home you live in and the land it is on.
    • Personal effects and household goods.
    • One motor vehicle, regardless of value, if used for transportation for you or a member of your household.
    • Property essential for self-support.
    • Also, life insurance with a face value up to $1,500 or burial funds up to $1,500 each for the individual and spouse. If the value of the life insurance is over $1,500, it is a resource.
    • $2,000 per year in individual Indian Trust Land income.
    • Burial spaces for you or your immediate family.
    • Disaster relief assistance which Social Security does not count as income.

Can I Get SSI If I Am In A Nursing Home?

Yes, the monthly benefit is $30.00. See SSA Handbook ยง1617.5.

    • However, if you are temporarily in a nursing home, you could receive full benefits for three months.
    • You can get full benefits if you need to maintain a home.
    • Also, a doctor must certify your stay will not be longer than three months.

Where Do I Apply For SSI?

You can apply at any Social Security office. You must request an SSI application. An application for Social Security Disability Insurance is not an application for SSI.

Can I Receive Both Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI?

Yes. However, you do not have to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance to get SSI.

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